The health post provides basic health care and regular assistance to 10 villages in Thulopakar, above 2,000 metres and close to the Tibetan border. More than 800 patients have been treated in the first year.

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Key highlights
Villages Granted permanent access to health care to 10 villages
Patients 857 treated from April 2013 to March 2014
Services General health care, maternal and child health care
Sponsored by
Raffaella Piva Fund
Provincia di Trento

The rural areas in Nepal lack access to basic health services. Many diseases could be prevented or treated in rural communities. Distances to the closest health posts prevent people from the villages to access basic health care.

In Thulopakhar a small government health post provides medical services to a limited number of villages and the closest option is located in a small urban area three hours’ walk. As for relevant needs or necessary surgical operations people have to bear in Kathmandu.

Based on needs identified by the local population, Sagarmatha International Foundation built a health center to provide permanent basic medical services to 6.000 residents.

The building (2012)
The construction was based on a participatory approach and used local traditional techniques and materials. It was a work opportunity for villagers as an option to seasonal migration. The community contributed on voluntary basis as well. The health post consists of 4 rooms: the acceptance area, a waiting room, a consulting room, clinic.

First year of operations (April 2013 – march 2014)
The health post treated 857 patients in the first year of operations providing basic health care, maternal and child care in 10 villages.