Koldung Devi School Building

The project assists communities affected by the big earthquakes in April and May 2015. It follows the first phase of immediate relief (tarpaulins, food, medications and T-shelters provided in various VDCs in Sindhupalchok District) funded by Sagarmatha International Foundation and implemented by local expertise in the weeks after the earthquakes- 2,500 people served.

The earthquake damaged 5 out of 6 building of the “Shree Koldong Devi” High Secondary School.

Sagarmatha is building a earthquake proved school 4-room building to host 120 children.

The project was conceived in the immediate aftermath of the first earthquake on April 25th 2015 as a response to the large scale of devastation perceived and individual requests for help addressed to Sagarmatha International Foundation from befriended communities in Sindhpalchok district. SIF has issued call for support to all friends across the world and was supported by a fund raising event in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

School Reconstruction Program – Phase 1 (Aug-Dec, 2015)

Preliminary work: Community engagement and negotiations with the Government of NepalThe work started in August, 2015. Sagarmatha engaged with the local community, the school and local authorities to assess the needs and agree on the reconstruction.

From September through December negotiations with the Government authorities have taken place. The process required obtaining official authorization from: 1. National Reconstruction Authority; 2. Ministry of Education; 3. Ministry of Education at district level; 4. Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development and; 5. Social Welfare Council.

Taking authority from the Government institutions entailed long term negotiations and commitment to high earthquake resilient reconstruction standards and budget expenditures. Sagarmatha signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Education in December, 2015 to build 4 rooms earthquake proof Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) building in “Shree Koldong Devi School” in Timure, Sindhupalchok district. An earthquake proved construction plan was provided and made mandatory by the Government authorities.

School Reconstruction Program – Phase 2 (Mar-June, 2016)

Construction work :The construction work started in March, 2016. Materials (cement, iron, bricks etc.) have been sent three times using trucks and facing hardship due to the poor road conditions. A team of 10 professional workers from the Southern part of Nepal has been deployed, with appropriate skills to meet the construction plan’s earthquake resilient standards. The work to build the earthquake resilient foundation based on the parameter of 2m under the ground and the process of making the base was hard and time consuming.

By end of June, 2016 Sagarmatha had finished all work for the base, managed to build the pillars and started the work to build the wall. As anticipated, the work had to be interrupted due to heavy monsoon, however still some materials were delivered to the construction areas.

School Reconstruction Program – Phase 3 (Dec, 2015 – Jan, 2016)

With the monsoon over by mid of October, Sagarmatha was planning to start the work but, due to challenges in finding skilled workers in the village, the work could re-start by beginning of December with a team from the Southern region. Sagarmatha finished building the wall. Doors and windows were prepared and sent to the school.