Sponsor and private donors support Sagarmahta to provide access to education, health, water, and basic infrastructures. Donation and financial help make a change in rural communities where we work.

Our sponsors are not only financial, but active partners contributing with ideas and constantly involved and updated on the implementation. Among our sponsors, together with friends organizations, there are Sagarmatha Members and Private donors friends of Sagarmatha.

Raffaella Piva Fund

Raffaella Piva Fund is an Italian voluntary association operating in Sri Lanka since 2005 with children sponsorships in the Eastern area of the country and support to a centre for children with disabilities in the South.

After seven years of intervention in Sri Lanka, Raffaella Piva Fund started the collaboration with Sagarmatha, extending its operations to Nepal.

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Caritas Italiana

Caritas Italiana is the pastoral organization of the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference), which aims to promote "the testimony of charity in the Italian ecclesial community, in forms that are appropriate to the times and needs, for integral human development, social justice and peace, with particular attention to the most neglected people and mainly pedagogical function "(Article 1 of the Statute). Among the goals Caritas Italiana has: "to contribute to human and social development of the Developing Countries through public awareness". Education to peace, global dialogue, co-responsibility are the main commitments of Caritas in the world.

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