Hira Kumari Thakuri

Deputy Chairman

Hira Kumari Thakuri is from Sindhupalchowk, Jalkine-10. She had finished her under graduation and she’s studying final year of Master Degree. She was born in normal family as an oldest daughter, due to man-dominated country it was not easy to go to school and get education for the daughter but Ms. Hira Thakuri did a lot of struggles to finish her school. She got married and moved to Sindhupalchowk, Thulopakhar-7, where she started to teach in community school after marriage. Since then she has been teaching and further studying. She is a very energetic person, involving the local community to support women and children.  She is an active member of “Women Community” where there are more than 500 women from different villages involved to work together for community support programs and share ideas with each other.