Ganesh Thakuri (Subin)


Subin is from a small village in Thulopakhar. Finished high school he moved to Kathmandu to continue his studies where he went to lots of struggles.

When he was 16, before entering the field of tourism and trekking, to finance his studies he experienced working in a carpet factory. At 17 he entered the field of trekking with the hard work of the porter, which he used to do in the summer months and skipping lessons for prolonged periods.

His sincerity and hard work over the years has enabled him to acquire knowledge in the field and become a high-altitude guide. Subin always believes in a good "karma" and hard work.

In 2007 Subin established “Utmost Adventure Trekking Pvt. Ltd.”, a trekking company, which is today successfully organizing trekking in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India and employs 21 staff and mountain guides.

Subin is nowadays acting as Managing Director of the company ( and he has finished his under graduation in Tourism Management from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu.

He managed to achieve what most people dream in Nepal and he wants to support his communities and villages. He focuses on awareness of the environmental issues and supports local communities with development projects aimed at improving health and sanitation, education status and other related sectors for the social-economic development of the local area. Subin has promoted the first action of Sagarmatha in education field in 2008. Through "Utmost Adventure Trekking" has also contributed to the project by donating part of the revenue.