About Us

We are a non-profit organization established by people from different countries and linked by a common goal: integrated development and improvement of living conditions of the population in Nepal.

Sagarmatha promotes local communities development supporting projects for access to education, health, water for land irrigation, clean water and sanitation, and basic infrastructures in rural areas of Nepal. The Ngo also encourages people to develop local craft skills, supporting small-scale artisans, and creating market linkages with consumers.

We believe poverty has to be tackled on several fronts: food security, health, education, access to infrastructure and financial services, human rights…Therefore we work in different but equally important and complementary areas.

We ask you to take some of your time to browse our site. You’ll also find some ideas to participate: volunteering, internship programs, donations or contributions to specific programs, purchase of products from Sagarmatha artisans, solidarity tours combining the experience of classical Nepal or trekking with a visit to our programs, sharing moments or spending some days in the villages where we work.

Please contact us if you are interested in giving your contribution in participation, ideas, work experience, will´┐Ż

Sagarmatha gives you a warm welcome and we hope you will follow and accompany us in future.