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Thulopakhar, Sindhupalchowk District

Thulopakhar is in the North-east of Kathmandhu, five hours drive from the capital city, two hours from Tibet border. It 's a mountainous area above 2000 meters, where 6,000 people reside in ten villages. The road access is limited to one side of the valley, while on the other side villages can be accessed only on foot. For the whole area education and health services are limited to four schools and one health center.

The community is very active and well organized. In Nepal, local tradition and culture have a strong sense of solidarity leading for example to make joint work during the harvest season or to build small infrastructures such as irrigation canals, trails, unpaved stretches of road.

"Thulopakhar Village Development Committee", the local committee, is elected by the community to identify the population needs and promote solutions to fill the gaps. In Thulopakhar the main sources of income are agriculture (mainly for self-consumption) and internal remittances sent by relatives leaving the village to work in other regions of Nepal (on permanent or seasonal basis). Therefore Thulopakar area has been targeted by Sagarmatha International development action in 2008 under the informal program.
Since 2011, as soon as the solid school building hosting 120 children was finished, Sagarmatha has been committed in a feasibility study to achieve the next goal: to build a health center to serve the entire area and 6000 residents. In the area is very active the “Women Community”, a five hundred women association that mobilize resources to run a small microfinance program and pay for basic health services. The association is self-financed and operates through membership fees and monthly savings’ collection of 100 Rupees (one Euro) from each member.




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