Drinking water

Sagarmatha International works with the local communities to improve access to drinking water and basic sanitation.


Thanks to a private donor generous contribution, in 2011 Sagarmatha International started the construction of a basic system for drinking water supply to the health center and 150 Meshipa villagers.


Drinking water in Meshipa, Thulopakhar

Meshipa is a small 150 people village located where Sagarmatha is planning to build the health center to provide regular assistance to the 6000 residents of Thulopakar. In the area drinking water is not available. Therefore the new health center will be equipped with a basic system for access to safe drinking water available throughout the year.

The system will be made available for the entire village thanks to a sewage system and three distribution points.


The project has been designed in two steps: basic water system construction and regular maintenance and management.


Goal 1: water supply system building 





Eur 3.200

In-kind (community voluntary work)*

Eur 1.300


Eur 4.500

Implementation time

Two months


Private donor

· Work done by the community members on a voluntary basis.

The hours of work are quantified and considered as "work donated."



The system consists of a pipeline carrying water from the spring (at 1.5 km from the village), two tanks to purify and store water, and a sewerage system in the village with three refuelling points.

The tank will thus become the water supply point for both health center and village.


The water pipeline, approximately 2000 m, will serve to lower the water from the small mountain range and flow underground for a mile and a half. In the village there are two tanks: one smaller filter water and a large storage tank.

The system will supply primarily drinking water to the health post. Thanks to a system of piping water, from the tank the village will be provided through three taps.


The water system construction cost includes purchase of materials (pipes, cement, iron for concrete of tanks) and labour cost. Local people involved in the project will do fifty per cent of work on a voluntary basis.


Goal 2: Water supply system maintenance


As soon as the construction is finished, the project will provide drinking water to the health center and the inhabitants of Meshipa. Some women in the local community will be responsible for regular maintenance of water supply system and tank cleaning.


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