Sagarmatha International has recently launched the first solidarity products. Household items and elegant, colourful accessories made in the traditional fabric "dhaka" by Sagarmatha weavers in Gorka. Decorative and daily use metal items exquisitely made by artisans in Bungmati. The products will be sold at the shops Angoli di Mondo” in Padua.

Metal craft

One of the most advanced and appreciated handicrafts of Nepal is the art of metalwork, dating from the seventh century AD. The Nepali craftsmen handed down from above the processing of metal statues, representing the typical iconography of Hinduism and Buddhism, and utensils for daily use. Its population links in many ways the prosperity of Kathmandu valley to the mastering of this refined art.

The art of metalworking is handed down from father to son. The women normally work together with their husbands, in particular for finishing and decoration. It is a form of high-quality craftsmanship. Process is time consuming and does not allow large production.



  • Jewel boxes
  • Decorated boxes
  • Bookmark
  • Penholder
  • Incense box
  • Incense burner
  • Praying wheels
  • Hand praying wheels
  • Mandala
  • Traditional exquisite pots in different patterns and decorations
  • Traditional food-boxes finely decorated
  • Singing bowls
  • Jhamta, traditional music instruments
  • Bracelets

Handloom weaving

The weaving of handloom has a centuries-old tradition in Nepal and is particularly strong among women of certain ethnic groups. An art passed down through the centuries, that reaches levels of exquisite processing craftsmanship by creating intricate colourful fabrics from cotton yarn. The crafts are specific of the communities and are made by hand using traditional techniques. It is an activity that meets the daily needs and provides employment to many families in Nepal.

The “Dhaka”
Dhaka is the exquisite hand woven cotton fabric traditionally used in Nepal to produce the hats worn by men, locally known as “topi”, shawls and other garments to warm people during chilly weather in the hills and mountains. Weavers of Sagarmatha can make it in infinity of colours and patterns from the most original colour combinations.
The textile is then fashioned into many different useful items ranging from scarves (in cotton or silk), purses, bags, textiles for kitchen and household items as table runner, placemats, napkins, and pillows.

Household items:

  • Runner
  • Placemats


  • Scarves


Sagarmatha International works with a group of metal craftsmen and a group of weavers working the handloom. ...

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