Sagarmatha International Foundation is a Non-profit Foundation incorporated under the Nepalese law, established by people from different countries and linked by a common goal: to build together an integrated program of development and improving the living conditions of the population in Nepal.


Sagarmatha promotes local communities development supporting projects for access to education, health, water for land irrigation, clean water and sanitation, and basic infrastructures in rural areas of Nepal. The Ngo also encourages people to develop local craft skills, supporting small-scale artisans, and creating market linkages with consumers.


Our key principles are joint efforts and collaboration among people in local communities of Nepal and other countries promoters or supporters of the initiative.

Together with Sagarmatha International Foundation, we established Sagarmatha International, a non-governmental organization (NGO) incorporated as a non-profit association under the Italian law, to assist and support in Italy and in Europe the activities carried out in Nepal and in future to work in other developing countries.


The two organizations are mutually functional and are managed by the same people.





The activities began informally in 2008 when a group of Nepalese volunteers involved in the struggle for access to education, with the help of generous private donors and a French Ngo, carried out activities to support education in remote areas of the country.

Nov 2011

Sagarmatha International Foundation was incorporated and registered in Nepal on the initiative of two promoters, a foreigner and a Nepalese, who were joined by other founding members from Nepal.

Sagarmatha International Foundation received the education project legacy, and extended its assistance providing access to health services and to clean water&sanitation, and starting business support, training for manufacturing and marketing of handicraft solidarity products in the fair trade circuits.

The project began in the villages where Sagarmatha Sagarmatha International Foundation operates to support education and was gradually extended to other areas of the country.

Jan 2012

On the initiative of Sagarmatha International Foundation founding members, in January 2012 it was incorporated under the Italian law the Non-governmental organization: Sagarmatha International.
Sagarmatha International was established to assist and support in Italy and in Europe the activities run in Nepal. In a more extended, Sagarmatha International:"intends to cooperate to emerging countries development with the goal of developing, organizing and implementing, in all possible ways, the improvement of living conditions of people living in developing countries with particular reference to the inhabitants of the Republic of Nepal, where in particular aims to operate in collaboration with the Nepalese non-profit foundation incorporated under the Nepalese law "Sagarmatha International Foundation". 

(Sagarmatha International Memorandum of Articles, Article 3 - Objectives)