School building and education in Timure, Thulopakar

Thulopakhar is in the North-east of Kathmandhu, five hours drive from the capital city, two hours from Tibet border. It 's a mountainous area above 2000 meters, where 6,000 people reside in ten villages. The road access is limited to one side of the valley, while on the other side villages can be accessed only on foot. For the whole area education and health services are limited to four schools and one health center. The community is very active and well organized. "Thulopakhar Village Development Committee", the local committee, is elected by the community to identify the population needs and promote solutions to fill the gaps. 

Since 2008 Sagarmatha project supported the “Shree Koldong School” in Timure village.

The school hosts 300 children from kindergarten to primary and secondary level.

Headmaster and fourteen teachers are working there, using modern and high standard teaching methods. Among them only 50% receive regular salary from the government, others are paid with funds raised by the community under "Thulopakhar Village Development Committee" responsibility and commitment.            

Thanks to the initiative of one Sagarmatha founder and promoter, active Thulopakhar Village Committee, entire community participation and work, attentive and generous support of French NGO "Dinu Nepali", and, during 2011, private sensitive Italians donors, the new school building has been finished. The construction, solid and with large rooms, is already accommodating 120 children and is intended to offer courses in upper-medium grade. 

Rising levels of education and reducing school dropout rate, due most of times to lack of educational facilities for miles around as in Thulopakar, are primary goals of Sagarmatha. The building was made in durable materials and fine finishes for fixtures. It is a comfortable learning environment compared to the existing buildings, quite old and made of simple materials that during the winter cannot protect children from the cold.


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