An inspiring name

Sagarmatha, literally “Mother of the sky”, is the name in Nepali language of the highest mountain in the world, commonly known as Mount Everest named after the Governor of India Sir George Everest.
The magic mountain is known and revered by Tibetans and Nepalese Sherpa as “Chomulungma” the "abode of the Mother Goddess". 

The highest point on earth, 8,850 m, lies on the border between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

The choice of Sagarmatha evokes:

Protection: the mother of the sky that everyone seeks, the Nepalese people live daily with the view of Sagarmatha who watches and protects them;
Inspiration: the mother of the sky as a symbol that inspires the human being to grow and improve, looking up toward the sky's the limit;
Challenge: because “The Mother Godess” is the limit to the sky.


Sagarmatha International is a non-profit organization founded by people from different countries and linked by a common goal: to build...

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Sagarmatha International mission is to contribute to local communities development supporting access to education, health, drinking water, and water for...

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Where we work

Sagarmatha International works in Thulopakhar (Sindhupalchowk District), in the North-east of Kathmandhu, five hours drive from the capital city,...

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